Youth Award

American Indian Youth Award Certificate

Any registered Girl Scout or Boy Scout age 12 to 18, American Indian or non-Indian, is eligible to earn the American Indian Youth Award Certificate. To meet the requirements the applicant must:

1. Be an active registered member of Girl Scouts of the USA or Boy Scouts of America for at least six months.

2. Have full tribal dress, part of which had been made by the applicant.

3. Be able to perform and explain two traditional dances.

4. Be able to sing two American Indian songs, recite an Indian prayer or speak the language of her or his tribe.

5. Be able to make, show and explain a craft from the tribe.

6. Demonstrate developing knowledge of the tribe, its culture and history.

In fulfilling these requirements, youth may use either the tribe of their own heritage or the tribe of the community in which they live.

In signing the AISA American Indian Youth Award Certificate Application, an adult leader verifies that all requirements have been met. The leader must be someone other than the youth’s parent or guardian. After all requirements have been met, the youth member and his/her leader complete the application and send it to the Awards and Recognitions Chair for AISA as listed on the form. The certificate will be mailed to the adult leader for presentation to the youth member.

Joseph T. Provost Youth Award Silver Medallion

The Joseph T. Provost Youth Award Silver Medallion may be presented nationally to one American Indian Girl Scout and one American Indian Boy Scout Youth of American Indian decent who have met the requirements for the American Indian Youth Award Certificate and who attend the Annual Seminar and compete with other eligible youth.

The competition occurs at the seminar, which is held in a different location each year. Youth competing are asked by a panel of judges to demonstrate, describe, and/or explain the requirements completed in earning the American Indian Youth Award certificate.

Information about the Seminar location, cost and registration can be obtained by contacting the local Girl Scout/Boy Scout Council, the National offices of BSA (972-580-2151) or GSUSA  (212 – 852-8149) or by consulting the AISA web site:

Youth Membership: 

AISA is intrinsically tied to both the Boy Scout and Girl Scout movements and its purpose remains unchanged. Official membership is reserved for youth at least twelve years old, or entering 7th grade, and adults who are registered with either the Boy Scouts of America or the Girl Scouts of the USA who attend the Seminar. Sponsorship is available to those not registered with either organization but who support the purpose and goals of AISA. Further information and membership applications can be found on the AISA website at:

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