Boyscout Tips and Tricks – How to Pick A Lock

Locks are security measures, and therefore it is inherently difficult to choose a lock. If you do not have a clear understanding of the work procedure of locks, it might get challenging for you to pick them. Even if you make use of the most professional locksmith devices, you might falter in your effort. Before learning about picking locks, it is important for you to know more about the basic anatomy of locks.  Just one thing that you need to do is have some proper and appropriate tools in your house. There might be various situations where you might have to use your lock picking skills. Lock picking skills are necessary because they go a long way in saving lives. The tips and tricks on picking locks are as follows:

Make Use of a Paperclip

You can use a paperclip for unlocking the door. However, there is no use engaging in vain hope. It might be a little more difficult than what you get to see in the movies. Here, it is important for you to put in some time in tinkering with the lock and adjusting the pick lock properly. It is also essential for you to prepare the clip according to this guide: How to pick a lock – a tip from Seattle locksmiths.  You can make use of a hammer for flattening the end of the paperclip. Slip the paperclip over the wrench and immediately stop when it hits a lock pin. Once this is done, push the paperclip up and then turn so that the pin can be taken away. You will have to maintain the wrap in the same position and try moving the clip further. The primary job that you need to carry out is taking another pin without allowing the first one to return to its initial position.

Use Your Credit Card

Using the credit card for picking a lock might sound strange and even silly and ridiculous, but it is true. While doing this you might feel as if you are the member of a Mafia or a CIA agent, but yes your credit card can always do you a favor. Credit cards can successfully be applied to door locks but only of specific varieties. The regular key locks respond very well to this method. However, make it a point not to use your acting credit card as it might get damaged. You can either take advantage of a discount card provided at the supermarket or use a credit card which you are no more using for transactions. The only thing that you need to do is pop the credit card into space between the door above the handle and the door-post. Once the card gets to the latch assembly, the lock will open. However, you need to be careful because you have not picked the lock virtually. Therefore, you must not close the door as you might get locked up again.


The best thing is to get the services of a professional and experienced locksmith when it comes to picking a lock.